Eco Certified

Mt Cotton Retreat is proud to have achieved the highest standard of eco certification with Eco Tourism Australia and has held Advanced Eco Certified status since 2012. In addition, this certification is now recognised internationally by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

Some of our eco credentials include

  • We established our Private Nature Refuge – Boomberpee (meaning koala) over the majority of the site to protect this beautiful habitat into the future.
  • We are part of the Land for Wildlife program
  • A Koala Conservation agreement is in place
  • 80+ species of birds have been formally identified and many mapped on the Australian Bird Atlas, and
  • We hold Green Leader status with Tripadvisor.

Additionally our development was carefully planned to minimize disturbance to the land. By siting the cabins in natural clearings, we also were able to minimize tree loss by.  The cabin design focus was to ensure they would blend in quietly to our environment. Our ongoing weed management and revegetation programs help to enhance and maintain the ecological value and beauty of our site. 

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